Sunday School

Sunday School

Attend Sunday School? Why?

Some people are of the opinion that Sunday School is only for children. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sunday School enhances the lives of adult believers by providing…

A Place of Strength

Being a member of a Bible study group can encourage believers in their relationship with Christ, but also it can increase the bond a believer has with other believers.

A Place of Knowledge

To obey the Lord we need to know His Word for us. Studying the Bible—God’s Word—is essential to faith. The more we understand that Word for ourselves, the more confidently we can obey His commission to “feed” others.

A Place of Belonging

When believers spend time together, they begin to know one another. Knowing people’s names, their family members, and occupation will help you to pray for those families and encourage them in times of need.

A Place of Prayer

Prayer is vital to a believer’s life. Corporate prayer within the Bible study class is vital, too. Believers gain strength and comfort when they see that Christ answers prayer in personal ways.

A Plan of Service

We should seize all opportunity to express God’s love. That love can be expressed through prayer, words of encouragement, and acts of compassion.




SENIOR ADULTS   (Room A103-105)  
Directors – Nan Gilbert
Secretary – Annie Jean Sheffield
Ladies Class Teachers – Sadie Buchanan, Anne Land, Jeanette Larrimore, Missy Lunceford
Men’s Class Teacher – Bill Kline
The Senior Adult Department‘s 75-90 year-olds are some of Calvary’s most consistently faithful attendees. We have two classes—one for ladies and one for men. Both classes meet together once each quarter for food, fellowship, and a guest teacher. We like to keep in contact with each other by calls, visits, and cards. 
ADULT 4  (Room A103-105)
Directors – Dolores Rose
Secretary – Coline Merritt
Outreach – Dolores Rose and Mary Ellis Smith
Ladies Class Teachers – Mary Ellis Smith, Mary Beal, Ruth Johnson, Nellie Epps
Men’s Class Teacher – Ed Mitchell
Adult 4 is an active, caring group consisting of adults approximately age 65-80. We have an opening assembly together and then divide into a men’s class and a ladies’ class. Because fellowship is so important to us, most of us arrive about 30 minutes early to meet that need without infringing on the Bible study time.  Additionally, we have quarterly fellowships in someone’s home. 


ADULT 5 – (Room B107)
Director – Larry Witcher
Secretary – Joe Ann Higginbotham
Outreach – Marilyn Witcher
Teachers – Tom Higginbotham, Larry Witcher
Adult 5 is a coed class, mostly but not entirely couples, whose ages range from 50-70. We study The Gospel Project curriculum. We welcome new members who are looking for fellowship and outreach in addition to Bible study. Our ladies get together monthly to eat out—and occasionally they include the men! 


ADULT 7 – (Room A205)
Director – Ken Krason
Ladies Class Teacher – Sherry Vance
Men’s Class Teachers – Bob Chisholm, Wilson Long, Mike Marecle
During a large group, we go through the announcements and provide time for input from all members including prayer requests and then close with prayer. We then break into class time. Age of this department is 50-65 for the most part. We refer to ourselves as the “empty-nesters” as most of our children have finished school and are out of the house.  We would welcome anybody to join our class. Married couples, singles, divorced…… doesn’t matter, we have that mix already. Both the women and men like the splitting up for class as it enables some members to talk more freely. 


ADULT 10 – (B105)
Director – Dena Steele
Secretary – Dick Guyton
Outreach – Sherry/Joe Magee
Teachers – Norris Caldwell, Bill Kahlstorf, Dick Guyton, Dan Steele
Adult 10/Norris Caldwell Class is a Christ-centered group where His love is displayed to all in the class. Our age range is 60 plus. We’re always fellowshipping together: a class social (eat out together, someone’s home, etc.) every three months, ladies lunch every other month, breakfast every month in our classroom. We are a couples’ class but have several singles and widowers.  


THE OPEN DOOR – (FMC Activity Room)
Teacher – Harold Plunkett
Director/Secretary – Keith Reece
Outreach – Betty Gayle Dunn
The Open Door is unique. It consists of singles and couples of all ages from diverse backgrounds. You will always be greeted by friendly faces and warm smiles in a very relaxed atmosphere. If you are new to Tupelo or just new to the church, the Pastor’s Class offers you the advantage of studying God’s Word and getting to know a good cross-section of our members. Our goal is to be not only “hearers of the Word, but doers also.” Class members can express God’s love by contributing to the Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving meal to feed thousands who are less fortunate, to minister to those individuals who are not only in need of “Christmas gifts” under the tree but who need to hear about the greatest gift ever given—Jesus, and numerous other projects throughout the year. Our teacher, Harold Plunkett, is a very gifted and talented teacher, who always challenges us each week to grow in our spiritual walk to become more like Christ. We meet in the Activity Room in the Family Ministry Center and invite you to join us. 
Director/Outreach – Kim Caron
Teacher – John Nail
Substitute – Carla Falkner
Practical Christian Living is for couples and singles typically over 45, but occasionally we have some younger. Class members’ children are teenage or older. We are small but working to rebuild with those who haven’t found a class or haven’t been attending SS for some time. 


Director – Parrish Alford
Teachers – William Armistead, Liz Dawson, Judd Wilson

The Collective – The title of our class is based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 & John 13:34-35. We are a co-ed class primarily comprised of married couples with a few singles ranging in ages from early 40’s to late 50’s (though some of our spouses are out teaching/serving in other areas of Calvary during the Sunday School hour). The ages of members’ children range from high school to families of their own. Our lesson format is teacher-driven with comments from the class welcomed and encouraged, but not required. The atmosphere of the class is less formal than most with upbeat messages and casual fellowship.  

WOMEN OF FAITH – (Room B102)
Teachers – Rosemary Marecle, Dana Walker
We are a women’s class age 20-40 consisting of divorced, single, widowed and a few married women. We feel we are ministering to a unique group of women. Any woman who wants to come to Sunday School but would feel uncomfortable in a couples class is a great fit with us. 
Teachers – Jennie Bradford Curlee, Josh Hurt, and Kevin Tackitt
This is a new class that is open to all. Most of these are parents of school age children in their 30’s and 40’s. Married, single, or single again, all are welcome.
YOUNGS’ CLASS – (Room A203)
Teacher – Ronny Young
Secretary/Outreach – Tami Young
The Youngs’ Class is a couples’ class with adults ranging in age from late 20’s to early 40’s. The class is focused on discipleship and service through mission projects throughout the year. 


Teachers – Christian Reed, Van Stone
Secretary/Outreach – Deborah Stone
The Young Married Class consists of young married couples who desire to establish a firm foundation to their marriage. Fellowship and Bible study are combined in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.  
Teacher’s – Walker Wilemon and Channing Walker
The Walker Class is a new class geared toward young newly married couples.
Teachers – Todd and Corey Summerford
Teachers –  Jim and Paula Yates      





YOUTH 1 (Grades 7-9)

Martha Ann Wilson – Secretary/Outreach

Grades 7 – 9 Girls  – Jennifer Mize, Hillary Tubb, Hannah Williams

Grade 7 -9 Boys – Drew Lipscomb, Richard Johnston

YOUTH 2 (Grades 10-12)

Carol Pitts – Director
Grade 10 – 12 Girls – Carley Johnston, Tonya Lipscomb
Grade 10 – 12 Boys – JD Mize, Jason Tubb, Brad Walls


GRADES 1 & 2 (Room C104)
Diane Wiese – Director
George Williams
Mary Johnson – Secretary


GRADE 3 & 4 (Room C106)
Lynn McAlpin – Director
Kate Farabaugh
Steve Hurt
Mary Preston Evers


GRADE 5 & 6 (Room C108)



Nursery Coordinator – Gail Chisholm                                
Nursery Greeter – Barbara Davis  
BABIES  (Nursery Suite)
Myara Gravlee, Kathy Reece, Sarah Gray, Francille Hinchey
PRESCHOOL 1 – (Nursery Suite) 
Jim Davis, Leanne Davis, Nyanza Steward, Tierra Wilson
Kevin Ann Weatherly
PRESCHOOL 2  (Room C07)
Kate Gray, Stacy Tollison               
PRESCHOOL 3 (Room C08)
April Campbell, Leslie Tackitt, Ashley Gray
PRESCHOOL 4 (Room C05)    
Lexie Wilemon and Tammy East
PRESCHOOL 5 (Room C06)
Audra Armistead, Amy Scoville


Fire Station

Jim McAlpin



Jail Ministry         

 Men/Boys Jails               
Men’s Volunteers           James Hayes, Gregg Kennedy, Bill Kline, Mike Marecle, Ben Morehead, Bill Taylor, Michael Williams
Boys Volunteers             Bob Chisholm, Gregg Kennedy, Robert Gulley, Jimmy Bowers
Women’s Jail                 Missy Lunceford, coordinator
Women’s Volunteers      Nellie Epps, Hannah Kimbrough, Missy Lunceford, Debbie Milton, Diane Wiese, Rosemary Marecle, Nyanza Steward, Marsh Flynn, Ashlie Orsborne
Girls Volunteers             Melanie Moore, Marian Moore, Aubrey Seay, Patricia Jones