From the Pastor

Interested in Membership?

Making the decision to join a church is an important step in the life of any believer. Whether you are joining a church for the first time or leaving another fellowship of faith, the decision to partner in a particular ministry will greatly affect your spiritual walk. Since this is such an important decision, we want to help you as much as we can to find the place where you have been called, no matter which church that might be. 
As you pray through your decision, we have a few things that we would like to offer you. First, schedule an interview with one of our pastoral staff. It would be our pleasure to meet you personally and let you hear our heart for ministry. This also gives us an opportunity to get to know you. Another option is to take the Calvary 101 class. This is an informative class about Calvary that will consider our beliefs, our approach to ministry, and how you could be involved in the ministry here. We feel that the information in this class is beneficial for those who will decide to join Calvary in ministry, but also will be of benefit no matter the church you unite with in fellowship. if you would like more information about these opportunities, stop by the Next Steps area immediately following our worship service, and someone can answer all of your questions. The Next Steps area is located in the hallway outside the sanctuary on the south side.
To schedule a meeting with the pastor, simply contact the church office at (662) 842-3338 or and one of our assistants will set you up with a date and time that is convenient for you. To be a part of Calvary 101, contact the church office for the date of the next class and add your name to the list of attendees.

Next Steps

green-arrows Salvation

We rely on Christ’s atoning sacrifice for justification and salvation that comes from Christ alone.

green-arrows Baptism

The way that believers have identified with Christ for two-thousand years. Immersion in water demonstrates the death of the old and the new creation wrought by Christ. It is a church ordinance and is required for membership.

green-arrows Membership

Church membership is an important decision whereby you unite with the Lord’s church and commit your resources to advancing His Kingdom through His church and gain accountability for life in the Spirit.

blue-arrows Plug into the Pathway

The Discipleship Pathway identifies three groups to make sure we are plugged in that encourage us to grow in our relationship with the Lord. You may already be involved in one of theses but all are important to our growth in grace.

blue-arrows Volunteer/Serve

Serve Christ by serving His Church. There are many places in the life of the church to be involved. This step helps you to determine where you are gifted to serve and gets you plugged in with the appropriate ministry.

orange-arrows Deploy

We have been sent out. Serve the Lord through short-term missions, community service projects, or share Christ with your neighbor. There is no limit to what you can do in the Power of the Holy Spirit within you.