Calvary Baptist Church

Welcome to Calvary Baptist Church, a church called right from the very beginning to serve the community and the world. Founded in 1935 in the hearts of mission-minded spiritual pioneers, we’re still one church family right here on the corner of Church and Main streets. A place where the generations still mix together much as they did ages ago. Still missional. Still relational. We embrace with every fiber of our souls the essence of Christ our Lord. And we embrace each other, the intentions of our founders echoing in our everyday lives. Our history is rich, full of endless Calvary moments. Each of those moments is unique, yet each is an integral part of a greater picture that reveals even now the outstretched hand of God. Each moment of our past is linked to the next until, woven together into the tapestry of our purposeful present, Calvary future is within sight. It’s God’s promise of a new dawn, a new Calvary, yet in the most important of ways not so very different from the old.

There’s a sense of anticipation. A “new-ness” born out of such a rich history. A “go-and-tell” evangelism versus a come-and-see, more “attractional” perspective. If you’re a member, you know that feeling. If you’re not yet a member of our loving church, join us for a Sunday service. Here you’ll discover something new and yet somehow familiar in the faces and welcoming ways of our staff, volunteers, and congregants. We’re called to Calvary Baptist Church. And who knows? If you’re reading these words, there’s a good chance you might just feel called, too.



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